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Separating, trimming and attaching the messenger

Separate the messenger from the cable

Use heavy wire cutters to start a split in the webbing between the messenger and the cable. Take the messenger in one hand and the cable in the other and smoothly pull your hands apart to split the webbing. Pull across the webbing (know as a scissors pull) instead of pulling the webbing directly apart.

Separate the messenger and cable up to the calculated / measured point of attachment. Cut off the excess messenger, leaving about 60 cm (2feet) for attachment .

Attach the messenger to the building

If the messenger is stranded wire ,use a strand vice and attach it per the manufacturer’s instructions.

If the messenger is solid wire, use the 2-4-4 method to tie it off. The messenger is threaded two times through the hook, wrapped four times around the messenger itself and four times around the messenger/cable.The next three paragraphs describe this method in detail:

Take the 60cm (2feet) of messenger and thread the messenger through the hook twice. Pull it tight .The unseparated messenger/cable should be about 15cm(6 inches) from the hook.

Wrap the messenger four times tightly around itself .

Wrap the messenger four times around the messenger/cable. These multiple loops distribute tension and help keep the cable from deforming.Finally ,knot loop in a simple clove hitch. Trim off any excess messenger .

Attach the cable to the building

Using the scissors pull,strip the unused messenger from the cable. Secure the cable to the building with cable clips or similar devices.If possible, place the cable along architectural elements that will hide it.


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